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We Talk Music Online Redefines the Music Experience .

Introducing an Innovative Coins & Points System for a Collaborative Community and Enhanced Artist-Label Partnership.

The We Talk Music Online platform has implemented a dynamic Coins & Points System to enhance user engagement and create a vibrant community. Here’s an overview of how these systems function:

Point System:
Points are earned through various activities within the community, including participation in forums, posting on walls, engaging in groups, and making purchases in the Music Store. These points contribute to the calculation of community ranks, providing users with a sense of accomplishment and recognition based on their level of involvement.

Coin System:
The Coin System operates as a virtual economy on the platform, allowing users to collect coins in a manner similar to points. However, these coins hold tangible value as they can be used to purchase music from the platform’s store. This innovative approach aims to boost user interaction and, simultaneously, benefit the artists and record labels associated with the platform.

Benefits for Artists & Record Labels:
While one might question how this benefits the artists and record labels, the system is designed to create a mutually beneficial environment. Users earn coins not only through purchases but also by providing valuable feedback. Reviews of purchased music are rewarded with coins, encouraging users to share their opinions. This user-generated content not only aids artists and labels in understanding their audience but also serves as a promotional tool for the featured music.

Community Engagement:
The Coins & Points System fosters a lively and interconnected community. Active participation is incentivised, ensuring the platform remains dynamic. Users are not only consumers but contributors to the overall experience. By allowing coins to be transferred between users, the platform encourages a sense of generosity and collaboration, creating a supportive environment for both emerging and established artists and labels.

Promoting Exposure for Older Releases:
The system also aims to give older releases more visibility. The ability to transfer coins from user to user can assist in promoting overlooked or past releases, providing them with a renewed chance to be noticed in the platform’s store. This democratisation of attention helps maintain a diverse catalog and keeps the platform relevant over time.

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