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    Behind the name, DEHN is Thorium Records label owner Michael Klit. He started playing some vinyl around 98-99, but he quickly began producing his music under the name Static Corn. In the summer of 99, he also began to make underground raves under the name of GerningsStedet. The parties were held, under parking lots, on abandoned farms, and old factory halls. He also played at the parties as DJ, where his style was minimal / pro-aggressive psytrance from the Danish underground scene. He later was a downbeat DJ at the venue Bryggen for several years.
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    Dark and distorted Techno producer for Thorium Records
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    We Talk Music Online is a news site & a producer community founded in 2023 by DEHN. The main idea is to let producers have a place to discuss their latest productions in a friendly community, and get feedback from other producers. Everyone is welcome, from the new producer to the experienced ones. This is all about helping each other out so we all can grow as artists.
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    This DJ has seen it all, heard it all, and is not afraid to let you know about it.
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    Denats has been Djing for over 20 years. Initially playing parties and gigs in Dublin and the UK. Following his relocation to Australia played in Sydney at a number of venues including Sounds on Sunday, Le Panic, Sly Fox and Candy's Apartment. Then life took over, now after a slight hiatus is back mixing and producing again. Keen lover of all types of house and techno. Recent releases out on Purveryor Underground, BBOP Records, Assembly Required and MK837.
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    AFL is a multi-genre DJ and Producer from Vancouver, Canada. Focusing on the likes of Tech & Deep House, Breaks, and Chill out on top of his love for D&B and Dubstep. AFL takes a melodic and bass heavy approach to everything he does. By pushing sounds both old and new, AFL creates an eclectic and unique audio experience every time. Be on the look out for new mixes and original productions.
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