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      Who are you and what is your artist name?
      Tim Lawes, My artist name is Temple01, I used to be part of Temple productions back in the 90s with fellow bandmate John Cody and wanted to keep a link to this time so kept the name and added the '01'. I am married and have 2 son's and come from UK, North London but now living in Milton Keynes 
      What’s your background? 
      I started producing in 1991 this started on a single synth (ensoniq SQ ) which had an on board 8 track sequencer it was like painting a hallway through a letterbox however i persevered and released a track on a compilation album for a label called white label recordings, i began to build more on my studio as time went on and having written more tracks for white label recordings  started working for a label Experience groove (DJ Steve Mason) and distribution company Intergroove and released our first Vinyl on Lazydub Records then went on to work with DJ Steve Mason we released 3 x 4 track LP's and a remix in 1997- 2000, i carried on writing music since but started to release again under my own label Funkascope Records. 
      How has your practice change over time?
      I have tried my hand at many Genres over the years and always learnt something new from each, but in the modern DAW environment as to my old studio (midi keyboards and 2 million cables)  i have found the change difficult with regards to mixing but i feel that i have taken a challenge with every track to do better each time, Music production is one long learning curve that's why i love what i do.
      What music genre do you most identify with?
      House music is really my thing. I like the emphasis on the bass line. I like it Funky. I also like the use of Glitch effects, i have been multi genre over the years writing Techno, Dubstep, Dub, Drum n Bass and even Electro swing!! (i love to mix it up a bit).
      What themes do you pursue?
      I often will try to put a theme to tracks but my main pointers are the bass lines and I like to add in some glitchy sparkle that I think is more my signature sound.
      What’s your scariest experience?
      Jaws !! 
      What’s your favorite art work?
      My Brother who does my Artwork he goes by the name Artwork for Music i tell him a track name or what i want and he always delivers something great
      Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?
      When i was working for Experience Groove label I went to the Berlin Love parade 1996 with Steve Mason. We were on a carnival float amongst a sea of bobbing heads, Steve dropped tracks from our up-comming release LP - 1997 Temple this was really cool for me.
      What’s your most embarrassing moment?
      When i have posted a crap track i had been writing the night before without checking it in the morning this is common though. Oh and some very drunken times at parties :)
      What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
      I also work on the UK railway in the Safety Dept, i was a shunter (person who couples train coaches together ) and a Signaller on Railway,  i have also been a Car mechanic, Carpet fitter, worked in shops, oh and paper round when I was a kid!!
      Why music?
      I have always had a love for music, before the house scene I was into progressive rock, and also in the 80s as a kid, synth pop bands (human league etc.). When the house and techno scene started in late 80-early 90s i was at the right age (born in 1970) and like many of my era grasped it and loved it ever since.
      What memorable responses have you had to your work?
      Seeing those people dancing awa in Berlin in 1996 that was a crazy time
      What food, drink, song inspires you?
      none in particular but i do like many tunes/genres and i find Basshouse really inspiring its up my street. But for me i am very broad minded about music and what i enjoy i love indian classical i love roaring 20s/30/40s, i like 70s and 80s Pop/Rock, but I am a young 50 something!!
      What do you like about your work?
      Nothing about my Railway Job i been there 32 years but music work, well its a bug i cant stop.
      I Love the escapism of writing and producing and the challenges it comes with.
      What makes you angry?
      Not a lot i am pretty chilled
      What superpower would you have and why?
      Time travel, i love history and i would also love to go back and re-do all the crap music to get it right. Also nip forward and see what the music is like, oh and get the magazine with all the horse racing results from the future of course:)
      Name something you love, and why.
      Apart from Family and friends who are everything to me, my garage/room because thats where all my studio is and my escape room.
      Name something you hate, and why.
      The Kitchen i hate cooking
      What is your dream project?
      No Particular however working with others on collabs is always cool
      Name three artists that inspires you
      I often watch tutorials and enjoy EDM tips, during lock down i was constantly watching you tube
      i have had many inspiring artists over the years but i really try to find my own path, if i hear something I like, an idea etc.. I may try it out in my way, i think we all do this though. The Artists that Inspire me most are those who I have met online through the past few years and helped me with my work. They wrote some amazing tracks and helped me to get there with mine, what can be more inspiring to a producer than other like minded people who are happy to help you.
      What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
      How to mix better and enjoy what you feel is right for you.
      Professionally, what’s your goal?
      I enjoy what i do making tracks putting them up if they sell then all good it's always nice to get on a label but having control of what you write and releasing tracks takes away any pressure.
      I created my own Label to release on and it takes time to build on like any, but enjoying the journey is good.
      What wouldn’t you do without?
      My Wife and 2 boys for sure, oh and my studio haha!!


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