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      Matt Schulz’s latest release showcases his prowess in the realm of dub techno, with tracks that immerse the listener in a chilling and deep sonic experience. The opening track, “Achat,” sets the tone for the entire EP, drawing the audience into its haunting atmosphere. The dark and atmospheric elements in this track create an intense and captivating listening experience.

      Moving on to “Turmalin,” Schulz takes a slightly different direction, infusing a touch of upliftment while still staying true to the deep realm of dub techno. This track strikes a balance between melancholic undertones and a more energizing vibe, resulting in a dynamic and engaging composition.

      As the EP progresses, we delve further into the depths of dub with “Amethyst.” This track takes the listener on a journey to the deep abyss of dub, immersing them in its hypnotic rhythms and rich textures. Schulz demonstrates his ability to create a captivating sonic landscape that envelops the listener in its ethereal and introspective ambiance.

      What sets this release apart is Schulz’s consistency in delivering a cohesive and compelling listening experience. Each track seamlessly transitions into the next, maintaining a consistent theme and atmosphere throughout the EP. This cohesiveness not only demonstrates Schulz’s musical vision but also leaves the listener craving for more.

      Matt Schulz’s Latest Release: A Captivating Journey into the Depths of Dub Techno

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