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      Who are you and what is your artist name?

      I am limitless and infinite source energy currently condensed in a body named Matthias Schulz, and my artist name is Matt Schulz.

      What’s your background?

      I am confused with this question, but i guess its meant musically … so i am an autodidact, teached myself in my own unique ways.

      How has your practice change over time?

      Well, from being high and just a fan on late nienties raves, to some half hearted dj attempts in those zero years, to some more serious dj´ing in the early 2010´s, to seriously starting to produce my own tracks in 2020 and having just recently finished my Audio Engineer degree, i guess it came a long way.

      What music genre do you most identify with?

      The one thats made with love, passion, transporting that feeling of “just hitting the spot” … i mean this is not bound to any genre, or even identification. To me it is more about connection, when i connect to a sound it can be almost any genre, but it´s always tied to the current state i am in and how my connection ability works in any given moment. Mostly it is dub and ambient sound i connect to, but really it can also be any genre.

      What themes do you pursue?

      Well, to me music or sound in general reminds me of where we ultimately came from before we took that human shape. It is my reminder and tool to unfold all the parts of myself (and the listener hopefully) that i otherwise usually would hide from me. It reminds me of the calm stillness that it is in my deepest self, and while it is calm and still it is also full of movement and mystery. So being able to translate that into sound as a form of universal language is some sort of deep fulfilling activity for me, and for those who connect.

      What’s your scariest experience?

      That would be the one time i was driving late at night in a full blown arctic snowstorm in Iceland on an unknown road. Visibility was so poor i had to use my satnav to anticipate corners and stuff, and i nearly lost the car several times on that icy surface … that was scary to the point i completely shut down my brain and emotions and purely functioned and brought the car and myself home. After that i was done for two days … oh and also government employees of any kind, they are a bit scary too.

      What’s your favourite art work?

      Depends on the mood i am in, i don´t have a clear favourite.

      Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

      There is a lady here who feeds stray cats, and is generally very loving and gentle with them. This always inspires me to be like this with myself and the people around me.

      What’s your most embarrassing moment?

      Well, we were on a school trip in spain on the beach, and the girls decided go topless in the sun and i got a rock solid boner in front of everybody … well i guess it was good for some giggles, at least the girls and some the dudes did.

      What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

      A lot, from working in a factory, to cleaning schools, packing stuff in a storehouse to office work … i have done a lot in my life.

      Why music?

      I kinda answered that above already, because the universitaly of it and the ability of music to touch me where nothing else can.

      What memorable responses have you had to your work?

      All of them. I would not want to forget anything about it, because everything put me where i am now, and it would not be if anything would have been just slightly different.

      What food, drink, song inspires you?

      Personally it is food for me, and in particular the process of cooking and preparing food by myself … there is something musical about it, despite it being completely different on the surface. The way i am able to compose something greater out of the ingredients and spices, something that is bigger than the sum of its parts, something that nourishes the body, like music nourishes my soul.

      What do you like about your work?

      The constant ability to learn stuff, like its almost like the deeper you go down the rabbithole, the deeper it gets. There always is something to learn, something to do different, something to use to express my insides more precisely.

      What makes you angry?

      Mostly myself … but i also find myself getting less and less angry about things and people and stuff. Its needless for most things anyway … why would i worsen myself over something others do? I do not see the point in that anymore

      What superpower would you have and why?

      Writing good chord progressions is a superpower, lots of poeple say it is the easist thing. I disagree

      Name something you love, and why.

      Gemstones of any kind, they have a calm, soothing and almost loving quality to them. It is like the earth itself is speaking to me through them.

      Name something you hate, and why.

      At the moment i am unable to answer this question, i prefer stuff over other stuff, but i don´t hate.

      What is your dream project?

      Being able to remind other people of who they really are and what they are in their deepest part of themselves. I know that is a kinda vague answer, but anything goes really. It could be a studio session, dancing naked in the forest or watching a sunset and be silent with somebody. It is the experience which is surpreme, not the particular activity

      Name three artists that inspires you

      Ekstendia, SB-SIX, Martin Stürtzer

      What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

      Don´t believe everything you think.

      Professionally, what’s your goal?

      Tricky question, because i generally have more spiritual goals … so: being able to sustain myself with creative and fulfilling work in an environment that nourishes my soul. That, to me at least, is far more worth than any money or career goal.

      What wouldn’t you do without?

      My wit, my humor, and my ability to feel.

      Matt Schulz

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