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      We’re delighted to introduce you to Funkascope Records, a musical platform meticulously crafted by Temple01 in 2020 to release and share his own sonic creations. This label serves as the canvas for Temple01’s artistic vision, offering listeners a direct connection to his unique musical journey.

      Funkascope Records is a deeply personal endeavor, born out of Temple01’s unwavering passion for music and creativity. In 2020, Temple01 founded this label with a singular purpose: to showcase and distribute his own music, allowing it to flourish independently and resonate with discerning ears worldwide.

      As you delve into the sonic world of Funkascope Records, you’ll immerse yourself in Temple01’s distinct musical landscape. Here, you’ll find an array of tracks and compositions that embody his artistic evolution and experimental spirit. From ambient soundscapes to pulsating beats, Funkascope Records offers an intimate glimpse into the multifaceted talents of Temple01.

      Introducing Funkascope Records on WTMO, Temple01’s Personal Sonic Playground Established in 2020

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