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      Scale Library is a collection of presets for Ableton Live’s Scale device, far more complete than the presets
      provided with Ableton Live. Presets in the library cover 399 different scales from all over the world and for
      all music genres, from the modes of the Major and Minor scales to pentatonic scales, Japanese scales,
      Indian ragas, and more.

      The source used to create these preset has been The Scale Omnibus, a 460-page textbook that contain tons
      of information about all these scales and the relationships between them, what chords they fit best,
      historical notes and a lot more. You can download it from here:

      Library Structure
      The library describes 399 distinct scales, and you have two distinct presets for each scale, with or without a
      trailing “=” in the name. More precisely, presets without a trailing “=” are similar to those that come with
      Ableton Live and that quantize non-scale notes to the nearest scale note, whereas presets with a trailing
      “=” block non-scale notes and prevent them from reaching the next Live device in the same track. Except
      for this (important) detail, the two presets are identical:

      The Scale Library comes as a ZIP file that contains six main sub-directories, with or without a trailing “=” in
      their name. This structure lets you quickly find the correct version of the preset you are looking for:


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      This is pretty cool

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