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      From the moment the album kicks off with Initiation, it’s clear that FNGRNLS has created something special. The deep and chilling sound design sets the stage for an unforgettable journey through the unique blend of genres and styles that characterize the album.

      As Immortality takes over, the vibe shifts to a hardstyle-influenced track that will make you want to move your feet to its mix of breakbeats and wobbling basses. But just when you think you’ve got a handle on the album’s sound, Kenopia comes on and takes you back to the theatrical sound design that started it all. This track is a boiling soup of genres, blending FrenchCore kicks and hardcore melodies with an overall chilled vibe that pushes the boundaries of genre blending. Then, Grind, a collaboration between FNGRNLS and Da Moth, ups the intensity with its electronic metal sound and industrial vibe, creating the perfect atmosphere for an electronic rave mosh pit.

      Torment Nexus is another standout track that blends DnB/Jungle rhythms with fragments of Dubstep, creating a sound that will make you put on your “yeah, this is bad ass” face. Stabbing, on the other hand, reminds us of oldschool IDM, with heavy beats and a hardcore kick that keeps the track groovy and chilled, even as it pushes the bpm.

      A Final Act Of Violence is another track that will get you up, starting out as a normal Techno track before quickly being influenced by Metal and filled with groovy beats. Disavowed then takes us into the realm of industrial metal infused with the FNGRNLS trademark sound, reminding us of Die Krupps and Fear Factory.

      The Serpent’s Coil, with its glitchy LFO madness, will make you feel like you’re being dragged through the mud, while Violate takes us back to the late 90s with its sound design influenced by Trance music from that era. Exulansis and Anterograde take the Trance element further, with Exulansis pushing the bpm on the kick and blending in 8bit music, and Anterograde being pure energy for the ravers with its breakbeats and trance sound.

      Devourer Of Worlds, a collaboration between FNGRNLS and Josh Jurgess, gives us pure metal with growling vocals, metal drums, and panning guitars. Breathe Infinite Darkness brings us back to FNGRNLS’s signature sound, with twisted beats and chilled vibes that keep us on our toes.

      Chaos Division, which could be the most pure metal track on the album, is a standout in its sound design, with the only thing missing being vocals to make it feel more complete. Finally, Superluminal brings the album to a close with its acid sound that blends in all the tracks that came before it.

      All in all, FNGRNLS has created an album that showcases his unique blend of genres and style. From the hardstyle-influenced Immortality to the industrial metal sound of Disavowed and the trance elements of Anterograde and Exulansis, this album is a journey that will leave you wanting more. Whether you’re a fan of electronic music or a metalhead, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.


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