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      DJWhaters is officially joining the ranks of the WTMO Record Store. Hailing from the southeast of the UK, DJWhaters brings a unique and powerful sound to the platform, promising to captivate listeners with his hard-hitting Frenchcore tracks.

      DJWhaters’ musical journey traces back to the early days of illegal raves, where the beats of acid, breakbeat hardcore, hardcore, happy hardcore, gabber, and post-industrial music left an indelible mark on his passion for hard dance music. His preference for the harder styles, including Hardcore, Frenchcore, Uptempo Hardcore, Hardstyle, and Hard Techno, sets the stage for an electrifying experience for fans of intense electronic beats.

      With a background rooted in live DJ sets and regular slots on various radio stations, DJWhaters has earned a reputation for pushing musical boundaries. His trajectory from mixing music to producing it took a significant leap with a recent venture into a low-budget movie in London, providing him the opportunity, support, and freedom to delve deeper into the art of music production.

      “I definitely prefer the harder styles of music, whether it be Hardcore, Frenchcore, Uptempo Hardcore, Hardstyle, or Hard Techno,” says DJWhaters.

      Beyond his musical endeavors, DJWhaters wears the hat of a welding and vendor inspector in the Oil and Gas industry. Despite a successful career in this field, his heart remains dedicated to music, with a commitment to creating beats that resonate with listeners.

      When asked about his fears, DJWhaters candidly admits, “I am scared of failure always and strive to succeed.” This fear, however, fuels his determination to make a mark in the music industry.

      DJWhaters draws inspiration from real-life situations, including a foray into a low-budget movie in London, where he explored the intricacies of mainstream music and Frenchcore. His commitment to music goes beyond the pursuit of commercial success; he values the impact his work has on people, as seen in the heartfelt responses to his track “I am,” a trance piece advocating self-expression without fear of judgment.

      As DJWhaters writes a new chapter with the WTMO Record Store, his goal remains clear—to create that one recognisable track that defines his musical journey. Whether or not this goal is realised, DJWhaters emphasises the importance of enjoying the artistic process and finding fulfilment in making at least one person happy through his music.

      DJWhaters Joins the WTMO Record Store: A Fusion of Passion and Hard-Hitting Music

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