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      “Apocalypse” has a fast tempo of approximately 190 beats per minute, which is common in Frenchcore music. The track features a driving kick drum pattern with a distorted, hard-hitting sound that is prominent throughout the song. The bassline is also heavily distorted, which contributes to the intense and aggressive feel of the track.

      The structure of the track follows a typical Frenchcore arrangement, with an intro, buildup, drop, and breakdown. The intro features a sample from a speech, which sets the tone for the track’s apocalyptic theme. The buildup is relatively long, gradually building up the energy with a rising melody and increasing percussion. The drop is where the track really hits hard, with the driving kick and bassline taking center stage. The breakdown features a melodic section with a vocal sample and some ambient effects, before building up to another drop.

      In terms of production, “Apocalypse” makes use of various sound effects and samples to create a sense of chaos and destruction, which aligns with the track’s theme. The use of filters and automation also adds to the track’s intensity, particularly during the drops.

      Overall, “Apocalypse” is a high-energy and intense Frenchcore track with a fast tempo, heavy kick drum and bass, and a typical arrangement structure. The track’s use of sound effects and samples adds to its apocalyptic theme and contributes to its overall impact.

      Written and Produced by DJWHATERS
      Mastering By DEHN Mastering Service


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