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      Get ready for an electrifying journey as WE TALK MUSIC ONLINE proudly presents our latest compilation, “CONNECTION.” Building on the success of our previous release, “NETWORK,” this compilation is a testament to the incredible talent within our producer community.

      AFL – “They’ve Got Oceans”
      We kick things off with a mesmerizing downbeat track by AFL. “They’ve Got Oceans” sets the tone for the entire compilation, with its chill vibes and captivating melodies.

      Keneda – Patience
      Next up is Keneda, taking you on an experimental journey with dark downbeat vibes, hypnotic beats, and thought-provoking vocals that’ll transport you to another realm.

      BEN HUNT – Refraxions
      BEN HUNT returns with a deep track that showcases his incredible versatility across genres. Prepare to be immersed in his musical world.

      PR23 – Acid X (Revisited)
      PR23 presents a revamped version of “ACID X,” pushing the boundaries of ACID music. His secret sauce is undeniable, and we’re loving the results.

      TEMPLE01 – UP DOWN
      For all the Basshouse lovers out there, TEMPLE01 delivers “UP DOWN,” a genre-defining masterpiece filled with funky grooves, captivating vocals, and a baseline that’ll get you moving.

      Denats & mr_melvis – Bump
      Denats and mr_melvis join forces to bring you a bass-driven Jackin House track, channeling the spirit of 70’s funk and disco with a modern twist.

      Hushed Tones – Lost In A Dream
      Hushed Tones dives deep into the realm of dark minimal tech, offering hypnotic sounds that’ll carry you away into a dreamlike state.

      DJWhaters – Infinity
      DJWhaters takes a leap outside his comfort zone with another mesmerizing deep techno track. Let the bass take control and elevate your state of mind.

      SCHEPPERZ – Version X
      Prepare for static and saturation as SCHEPPERZ unleashes a techno floor filler that once again pushes the limits of distortion. Get ready for a sonic adventure.

      Steve Knots – Fog Rising
      We wrap up the compilation with a soothing track from Steve Knots that’ll gently guide you into a dreamy world. Let the fog rise and immerse yourself in this chilled masterpiece.

      “CONNECTION” is more than just music; it’s a journey through the diverse soundscape of our talented producer community. Get ready to embark on this musical adventure with us

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