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      We Talk Music Online
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      Who are you and what do you do?

      My name is Airyule and I’m a bedroom producer, beatmaker from France

      What’s your background?
      I started playing analog instruments in the 90s, thrash, death metal, blues, but as it’s difficult to always gather 4 or 5 musicians in a rehearsal studio, I started to want to make analogical music with a computer… and then a friend made me discover deep house music…
      My girlfriend at that time offered me cheap software to paste samples. and one day on a cd that a friend gave me there was something called “reason”

      Explain what you do in 100 words

      I’m not a DJ, I don’t know how to mix two songs. I do homemade techno in my room for my pleasure above all, trying to make it as simple and clean as my models. Because as soon as you put a finger in it, you know it’s not so easy to keep it simple. The goal is to succeed in bringing out an emotion, or at least to make people want to stamp their feet.

      How has your practice change over time

      Well at the beginning I never compared my productions except for a few friends (who hadn’t done anything to deserve that ^^). So, I stacked the samples unrelated to each other like a thousand sheets of electro thinking it would sound like “saint Germain” or “Capricorn”, without having much experience and material. And the result was often messy and disorganized.
      More people got to listen, new computers, a keyboard, the arrival of techno, the departure of my dealer ^^. I started by trying to listen to, and not to hear anymore, sounds that had impressed me a lot. and to go a bit more step by step while looking for an atmosphere, an atmosphere above all, and avoiding going out of my way and stay on the path I was on.

      What music genre do you most identify with?

      It’s hard to identify with a single musical genre … (“my name is legion because there are many of us” Marc 5.9)

      But if we only talk about electro music? dark techno of course, but I’m also very fond of deep house & lounge. From the very first bars, in both cases, you immediately know where you are.
      I find that techno offers something more focused, more controlled, more intense, than big warehouse techno.

      What themes do you pursue?

      All that can seem, black, dark, obscure, dead, beyond, the perversities of being, the quirks of the spirit, pain, obsession, possession, fear and much more. Generally, everything that may seem unpleasant to the population.
      But let’s also think about likes and sharing on Facebook. There’s a lot about love and kittens of course!

      What’s your scariest experience?

      When something cracked under the floor every night in my bedroom when I was 6 years old.
      And when I thought I lost my son at a rest stop on the highway.
      I found him 10 minutes later, the longest 10 minutes of my life.

      What’s your favourite art work?

      Just one?
      Vivaldi : Gloria, R. 589 – Et in Terra Pax Hominibus
      Listening to him makes you feel like you’re talking to God.

      Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

      There was a time in my life when my body was so sick and devastated that I felt abandoned even by myself.

      What’s your most embarrassing moment?

      When you make your mates listen to a sound, thinking you’re Mozart, and you tell yourself that you’re going to shear them on the spot because you’re so good and sure of yourself and you can see right away in their eyes that you’ve produced dung…

      What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

      Radio host, journalist editor for a fanzine, mobile phone package seller, and digital marketing project manager

      Why music?
      why not.
      music can be enjoyed in many different ways, alone, in the background, or to companion a picture, a film, or to set a theatre or an arena on fire.

      What memorable responses have you had to your work?

      “I got lost in that one, super cool track” 😉

      What do you like about your work?

      While you’re testing different things, you realize that this kick, snare, and bass, work together.
      Or just sit behind the screen in the morning, have nothing on it, start from nothing and think maybe we’re going to make a monstrous sound.

      What makes you angry?

      people who spend their lives fighting problems they themselves have created.

      Name something you love, and why.

      Skulls, i don’t know why

      Name something you don’t love, and why.

      Working for two hours on a track and realizing it’s going nowhere.
      Because you did not realize it sooner , because you lost time.

      What is your dream project?

      Living from making music is the dream.

      Name three artists that inspires you

      Jonas Hellborg
      Pink Floyd
      Paul Kalkbrenner
      Boris Brejcha

      What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

      Let it rest for a day like bread dough and come back to listen.

      What wouldn’t you do without?
      my sons

      Anything you want to say to the readers ?
      live and let live and do what you feel is best for yourself
      and vote Thorium for president


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