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      8NEUN’s EP “ABRISS OST” takes listeners on a mesmerising techno journey with its captivating title track. “ABRISS OST” serves as a powerful force on the dance floor, transporting listeners back to the energetic vibe of ’90s dancefloors while delving deep into warehouse techno. With 8NEUN’s unique approach to night-driven techno, this track showcases his ability to create an irresistible fusion of nostalgia and pulsating beats.

      “SCHOENEWEIDE” takes the EP to new depths, demonstrating 8NEUN’s mastery in crafting an immersive and haunting experience. The track pulsates with dark and resonant vibrations, drawing listeners into its intense and atmospheric realm. Adorned with 8NEUN’s signature captivating melodies, “SCHOENEWEIDE” showcases the artist’s ability to create a beautifully haunting sonic landscape.

      ABRISS OST highlights the evolutionary growth of 8NEUN’s sound, as it reflects his connection to the Thorium Records philosophy. The track offers a thought-provoking and musically intriguing experience, pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. 8NEUN’s progressive mindset shines through on this release, while still maintaining his distinctive style.

      In summary, “ABRISS OST” by 8NEUN is an EP that delivers a captivating techno journey. The title track, “ABRISS OST,” immerses listeners in a nostalgic yet forward-thinking sonic landscape. With “SCHOENEWEIDE” and “ABRISS OST,” 8NEUN showcases his ability to craft deeply atmospheric and introspective compositions. This EP solidifies 8NEUN’s place as a talented artist in the techno scene, offering a unique and enthralling musical experience.

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      “ABRISS OST” by 8NEUN: A Captivating Techno Journey with Nostalgic Melodies and Dark Vibrations

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