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      Infinite In Finite’s latest live act is more than a performance; it’s a transcendent odyssey through the universe. A testament to boundless creativity, technical prowess, and an unquenchable thirst for sonic innovation, this live act stands as a beacon of inspiration for both aspiring producers and seasoned connoisseurs of Psytrance.

      As we delve into the intricate layers of sound, follow the captivating journey set forth by Infinite In Finite and embrace the auditory magic that awaits. It’s a sonic experience that defies the limits of imagination and embarks on an uncharted trajectory in the world of Psytrance.

      Central to Infinite In Finite’s sonic arsenal is an instrument rack that serves as a sonic alchemist’s dream. Within this digital laboratory reside two instances of the revered Serum synthesizer, intricately interwoven to sculpt and mold sound. These sound signals traverse through multiple channels, adorned with carefully curated effects, breathing life into each sonic layer.

      A truly immersive experience wouldn’t be complete without the presence of send effects. Infinite In Finite weaves a tapestry of auditory wonder by skillfully harnessing the power of send effects, sculpting transitions and nuances that keep the audience suspended in sonic anticipation.

      As the journey unfolds, the live act commences with a powerful duo of tracks that showcase Infinite In Finite’s creative prowess. “Uig” and the remix of “56k” by Dofok lay the foundation for the captivating odyssey that follows. These tracks, which have already left an indelible mark on the Psytrance scene, seamlessly set the stage for a cascade of new, unreleased masterpieces that demonstrate the artist’s relentless pursuit of sonic perfection.

      Taking center stage for this live act are the revered Ableton APC20 and Novation LaunchKey mini controllers, serving as Infinite In Finite’s conduits of expression. These tactile instruments transform the artist’s creative vision into a tangible reality, enabling them to orchestrate the intricate symphony of sound with unparalleled precision.

      The sonic journey navigates through a range of tempos, pulsating between 142 and 148 BPM. This deliberate oscillation in rhythm adds a dynamic dimension to the experience, transcending conventional boundaries and revealing the true essence of Infinite In Finite’s artistic ingenuity.

      A Journey Through Infinite In Finite’s Latest Live Act

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