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Exclusive DJ Mixes This Week on WTMO-Radio

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      Psytrance Thursday kicks off at 18:00 CET, and promises you an evening to remember
      At 21:00 CET. We will having Liss Gaia joining our radio for an exclusive one and a half our Dark Psy.

      The musical journey of Darkpsy and Techno DJ – Liss Gaia, commenced in a magical manner, marked by her debut on New Year’s Eve 2020. That night not only signalled the beginning of a new year but also the birth of something that would significantly impact her life.

      From the first bass line she delivered to the audience, a pulse of something greater resonated, destined to become her signature. Several festivals around Skåne and Gothenburg turned into a journey through soundscapes, where each beat resembled a stroke on a canvas of energy. However, the pinnacle arrived when she stood on stage for her debut in Stockholm at Monday Bar last May.

      The audience, the pulsating heart of the city, responded to every note, revealing the power of music to unite. Her commitment extended beyond the stages, with radio play experiences allowing her to share the love for the mysterious, driving sound defining her musical taste. Anticipate more – more performances, more opportunities to delve into the world of sound, and share it with all.

      The sets she creates reflects her passion for the unknown, the dark, and what lurks in the shadows. It’s a journey she continues to explore, eagerly looking forward to taking everyone along on that captivating musical expedition.

      Friday, Ben Hunt will again be visiting the Radio with his Murmurations Dj Set. This is his third mix in the series. And once again promises dirty downbeat and dark disco vibes.

      We are super thrilled to once again be hosting Ben’s haunting mixes.

      Friday 21:00 CET

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