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      WTMO Records is a new record label founded by Michael Klit under the We Talk Music Online umbrella. With a passion for electronic music that dates back to the 1980s, Michael has explored various genres, from synth-pop to Goa trance. Drawing from his own experiences as a successful artist with multiple appearances on the Beatport charts, Michael decided to create We Talk Music Online Records as a platform to support and guide emerging talent in the electronic music industry.

      Although WTMO Records has not yet released any projects, its main focus is building a strong online producer community. Through collaboration, feedback, and knowledge sharing, Michael and his team aim to empower artists, helping them refine their skills and prepare their music for future releases.

      The label’s vision is based on the belief that a supportive community can elevate artists’ careers. With Michael’s industry experience, WTMO Records aims to become a driving force in the electronic music scene, providing aspiring artists with the resources and guidance they need to succeed.

      As WTMO Records prepares for its inaugural releases, it aims to make a lasting impact by showcasing exceptional talent and fostering collaboration within the electronic music community. The label’s commitment to nurturing artists’ growth and realising their artistic visions sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

      Stay tuned as WTMO Records embarks on its mission, heralding a new era in electronic music.


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