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What a month!

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      We Talk Music Online
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      Dear Music Lovers,

      Welcome to the We Talk Music Online Records monthly newsletter! We’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates and exciting developments happening within our community. It has been an incredible month filled with creativity, collaboration, and the launch of our new record label.

      Our small community has been buzzing with activity as artists eagerly share their tracks on our Discord feedback section. We’re delighted to see so many talented artists polishing their music based on the valuable feedback they receive, preparing to release their creations to the masses. It’s truly inspiring to witness the growth and success of our artists.

      Speaking of releases, we are thrilled to announce our debut release titled “Network.” This exciting compilation album showcases the incredible talent within our community, featuring ten outstanding tracks that represent the diverse range of musical styles and genres that We Talk Music Online Records is proud to support.

      Here’s a sneak peek at the tracklist:

      1. mr_melvis – The Vast Beyond (Ambient Music)
      2. NikLab – Uundgåelig (Cinematic Chill-Out)
      3. AFL – Lost in Thought (Chill-Out)
      4. Matt Schulz and Johann Bello – Blue Zone (Dub Techno)
      5. Ben Hunt – Somebody Like You (Melodic Vocal Techno)
      6. Kenada – Magic (Melodic Vocal Techno)
      7. Temple01 – Cyber (Funky House)
      8. DJWhaters – Its a… (Tech-House)
      9. Schepperz – Sinc (135 bpm Hard Techno)
      10. Xanthipe – Technocratic Crisis (Cinematic Chill-Out)

      These tracks showcase the incredible talents of our artists and the diversity of electronic music genres represented within our community. From the soothing melodies of ambient music to the energetic beats of hard techno, “WTMO-Records – Network” offers something for every electronic music enthusiast.

      For those who may not be familiar with We Talk Music Online Records, let us provide you with a brief introduction. Founded by Michael Klit, a passionate electronic music enthusiast with a background spanning genres from synth-pop to Goa trance, We Talk Music Online Records is a promising new record label. Drawing from his own experiences as a successful artist with multiple appearances on the Beatport charts, Michael created this label as a platform to support and guide emerging talent in the electronic music industry.

      While we may be a new label, our primary focus has been on building a strong online producer community. Collaboration, feedback, and knowledge sharing are at the core of our approach. We believe in empowering artists and helping them refine their skills and prepare their music for future releases. By fostering a supportive community, we aim to elevate artists’ careers and make a lasting impact in the electronic music scene.

      As we prepare for the release of “Network” we are excited to showcase exceptional talent and foster collaboration within the electronic music community. We are committed to nurturing artists’ growth and supporting them in realising their artistic visions. Together, we will embark on an exciting journey that heralds a new era in electronic music.

      We invite you to stay tuned and follow our progress as We Talk Music Online Records makes its mark on the electronic music industry. There are thrilling times ahead, and we are excited to have you join us on this journey.

      Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for We Talk Music Online.


      The We Talk Music Online Team

      What a month!

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      Edson Vizcarra

      Great to see you all collaborating.

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      We Talk Music Online
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      The community is really active, and we are already getting ready for second compilation

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