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We Talk Music Online Embraces the Power of Forums for a Deeper Connection and Creative Expression

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      Navigating forums can be perplexing for many users, with the exception of those familiar with Discord, where forums exist within community-based servers, although with limitations similar to traditional threads.

      So, why did we incorporate forums into We Talk Music Online?

      Today platforms prioritise quick updates over in-depth discussions on topics that genuinely interest users. Although Discord users have forums on community-based servers, these are limited and not significantly different from threads. Frequently asked questions abound because of the lack of effective search functions, causing valuable information to be buried in the constant stream of irrelevant content. This is where forums prove invaluable. WTMO boasts a robust search function, transforming the forum into a knowledge hub where users can find comprehensive answers to common problems, along with insights into their resolutions.

      On our forums, you’ll encounter well-thought-out responses without the competitive rush seen on other platforms. Forums are designed for insightful answers, presented in a pleasing manner to readers, with no pressure to be the first.

      Reflecting on the notion that social media killed forums, we observe a shift from internet forums, which users frequented before the advent of platforms like Myspace and Facebook. These social media platforms replaced the depth of conversation with a focus on easy, superficial content. Although a few likes might bring momentary happiness, the profound discussions seem to have vanished, a topic widely discussed but not easily relinquished.

      Do we anticipate a change?

      Having engaged in conversations with my teenagers and their Discord user base, I’ve learned that they only use phones for chat, shifting their entire social media presence to computers because everything simply works better there. Recognising the societal importance of self-presentation, we offer conventional profiles, walls, and groups similar to Facebook. However, our users have the added option of expressing their passion by connecting a forum to their group, fostering more profound conversations or crafting conversations about what truly inspires them. This shift is particularly noteworthy as the next generation, having grown up witnessing their parents buried in phones, is determined not to follow the same pattern. What we believe was missing on social media platforms – the forums and the interconnectedness of users and groups – is integrated into our platform, providing a comprehensive package.

      While we are still in beta, continuously experimenting with new features, users can already create an account, explore their profiles, and begin their journey on our platform.

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