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Tone Transfer from Google

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      Google’s Tone Transfer is a machine learning technology that allows users to transfer the emotional tone of one audio recording to another. For example, a user can record themselves speaking in a particular tone (e.g., happy, sad, angry), and Tone Transfer can apply that tone to another audio recording, such as a song or another person’s voice.

      This technology is based on deep neural networks that have been trained on a large dataset of audio recordings. Tone Transfer works by analyzing the spectral content of both the source and target audio, and then modifying the target audio to match the emotional tone of the source.

      Tone Transfer is an innovative and fascinating technology that showcases the power of machine learning and AI. While it may not be applicable in all contexts, it has the potential to be a valuable tool for musicians, filmmakers, and other creative professionals who want to convey a specific emotional tone in their work.

      Try it here

      Tone Transfer from Google

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