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Temple01’s “Keep it Juicy” Delivers Infectious Basshouse Vibes

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      Review: “Keep it Juicy” by Temple01

      “Keep it Juicy” by Temple01 is an exciting and energetic Basshouse track that showcases the artist’s exploration of a new musical direction. With a menacing funky bass line serving as the foundation, Temple01 takes inspiration from similar genres and incorporates unique sound design elements to create a distinct sound.

      The track immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its infectious groove and pulsating rhythm. The funky bass line drives the momentum forward, creating a strong sense of energy throughout the song. Temple01’s skillful sound design on the main bass sound adds depth and character to the track, further enhancing its appeal.

      Accompanying the dynamic instrumental is a well-crafted vocal that complements the music perfectly. The lyrics, “Keep it juicy,” add a playful and catchy element to the composition, encouraging listeners to immerse themselves in the infectious rhythm and vibe of the track.

      “Keep it Juicy” marks a new direction for Temple01, as he delves into the world of Basshouse with great enthusiasm. This shift in style demonstrates the artist’s versatility and willingness to explore different sonic landscapes. By focusing on this type of music, Temple01’s label, Funkascope, showcases a clear vision for the future, aligning with the artist’s newfound passion.

      Overall, “Keep it Juicy” is a standout track that encapsulates the essence of Basshouse. Temple01’s experimentation with sound design, coupled with the engaging vocal and funky bass line, creates an irresistible dancefloor anthem. It’s an exciting glimpse into the evolving musical journey of Temple01 and leaves listeners eagerly anticipating what’s to come from both the artist and Funkascope.

      In addition, it is worth mentioning that the artwork for “Keep it Juicy” is a noteworthy contribution by Temple01’s brother, artworkformusic. The collaboration between the siblings adds an extra layer of creativity and personal touch to the overall presentation of the track. The artwork, crafted specifically for this release, visually captures the essence of the music and enhances the overall listening experience. It’s inspiring to witness the artistic synergy within the family, as Temple01 and artworkformusic combine their talents to create a holistic and captivating artistic offering.

      Temple01’s “Keep it Juicy” Delivers Infectious Basshouse Vibes

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