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Temple01: Unleashing Infectious House Grooves with a Funky Bass Twist!

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      Artist Name: Temple01

      Genre: House, Techno, Tech House, Deep House

      Description: Temple01 is a renowned producer known for his infectious house music with a funky bass twist. With a background in music production spanning over three decades, Temple01 has continuously evolved his sound while staying true to his signature style. His music is characterized by groovy basslines and glitchy elements that add a unique sparkle to his tracks.

      Background: Tim Lawes, also known as Temple01, embarked on his music production journey in 1991. Starting with a single synth, he released his first track on a compilation album for the label White Label Recordings. As he honed his skills, Tim expanded his studio and worked with labels such as Experience Groove and Lazydub Records, collaborating with DJ Steve Mason on several projects. After a hiatus, Tim established his own label, Funkascope Records, where he currently releases his music.

      Influences and Style: Temple01 is primarily influenced by house music, particularly drawn to its emphasis on basslines. His music incorporates elements of funk, creating an infectious groove that resonates with listeners. While he has explored various genres throughout his career, including techno, dubstep, and drum and bass, Temple01’s love for house music remains at the core of his artistic identity. He enjoys experimenting with glitch effects, adding his own signature touch to each track.

      Notable Experiences: One of Temple01’s most memorable experiences was attending the Berlin Love Parade in 1996 with Steve Mason. They played tracks from their upcoming LP, and the energy and response from the crowd left a lasting impression on Temple01.

      Projects and Collaborations: Temple01 is open to collaborations with other artists and finds working with like-minded individuals inspiring. While he doesn’t have a specific dream project in mind, he values the opportunity to collaborate and explore new creative avenues.

      Goals and Achievements: Temple01’s primary goal is to enjoy the journey of creating and releasing music. While he appreciates getting his tracks signed to labels, he finds fulfillment in maintaining creative control over his work. He has established his own label, Funkascope Records, as a platform for releasing his music and is committed to building its reputation over time.

      Advice and Inspiration: Throughout his career, Temple01 has learned the importance of continuously improving his mixing skills and following his own creative instincts. He finds inspiration from various sources, including tutorials, online communities, and fellow artists who have supported and guided him on his musical journey.

      For more information and updates, visit Temple01’s official social media channels.

      Facebook: Temple01

      Instagram: Temple01

      Temple01: Unleashing Infectious House Grooves with a Funky Bass Twist!

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