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Some hectic months have passed.

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      THANK YOU!
      First of all. A huge thank you to all the members that joined our Discord and subscribed to our News Letter. A community is nothing without the users.

      Most of you have just joined. So it all seems new. In reality, I have been working on this since November. I had a lot of help from DJWHATERS to get the Discord up and running and to brainstorm the concept. So a huge thank you to him 🙂
      At the end of January, we began to invite people to the Discord server. It made it less of a ghost town, and I’m happy with how alive you all made it. Now let’s make it grow.

      Track Feedback & Remixes
      Fifteen tracks through our feedback are pretty good in such a short time.
      Remixes are also being born there, and it’s nice to listen to the different artist’s interpretations of other people’s tracks.

      The homepage is also taking shape. We got artists doing the Q&A, and it is super fun to read about you all. The idea is to have some Q&A every weekend. And then news, releases and free plugins.

      The shop on the homepage is for all the producers. Want to sell something in it? Talk to me, and I will provide some guidelines for how it should be done correctly.

      The WebRadio.
      The WebRadio is still on hold because it is not a priority now. Other things need to be ready before we can launch it.

      We are always open to new ideas for the community. So if you got any, tell us about them on Discord.

      Have a great week

      Some hectic months have passed.

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