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Newsletter – October 2023 Edition

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      Hey there WTMO community!

      Another exciting month has flown by in the world of WTMO, and we’ve got some fantastic updates to share with you all.

      1. CONNECTION Compilation Release:
      On 909 day, we dropped the “CONNECTION” compilation, featuring tracks from our talented community members. We’re thrilled to announce that it performed exceptionally well on the charts, peaking at number 5 on the Jackin House chart. A massive shoutout to our community for contributing 10 unique tracks that are destined to stand the test of time.

      Just a few days ago, we released the “BEN HUNT – SUPERFLY EP.” This groovy downbeat release includes four remixes from within our community. It’s the perfect journey from chill vibes to the dirty dance floor, with organic downbeats that you can’t help but groove along to.

      3. SPLIT EP with AFL & TEMPLE01:
      Mark your calendars for Friday the 13th of October when we’ll be dropping the “SPLIT EP” featuring AFL and TEMPLE01. This release takes us back to the roots of Dubstep, showcasing the artists’ unique visions of the genre. Despite the tracks being created years apart, they make fantastic companions, and it was DEHN’s brilliant idea to unite them in this EP.

      Upcoming Releases to Watch Out For:
      We’re not slowing down anytime soon. In the coming months, get ready for some musical delights. Denats is gearing up to release a new EP, promising to bring a smile to your face with Jackin House vibes and a darker twist in one of his tracks.

      But that’s not all! Steve Knots from Mixitecture is hard at work crafting three tracks for his EP. We’ve had a sneak peek at his creative process in our Track Feedback section on the WTMO Discord, and we’re thrilled about the journey he’s taking us on.

      And here’s an exciting addition to our lineup: KENADA is preparing to drop his EP on WTMO. It’s a groovy love-themed release that’s sure to set floors on fire.

      5. Spotlight: Exploitative Labels:
      We’ve also taken a moment to shed light on an important issue in the music industry. There’s been an alarming trend of labels exploiting hopeful artists by making them pay for their releases without investing anything in return. We strongly urge all artists to avoid such labels. If they won’t invest in you, they’re not worth your time and talent. You can read the full article on this matter here.

      6. Welcome New Members:
      Our WTMO Discord community continues to grow, welcoming new users and their incredible tracks. We’re thrilled to have fresh talent join us, and a big thank you to our dedicated crew and all the new members for making WTMO a vibrant and supportive space.

      7. Music Webshop Launch:
      In the coming month, we’re excited to announce the launch of a music webshop on our homepage. This will provide our producers with a platform to sell their music, helping them generate some well-deserved revenue from their hard work.

      There are many more exciting plans in the pipeline for WTMO, and we invite all of you to join our community and shape its future together. Your creativity and passion are what make WTMO thrive.

      Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey. Stay tuned for more music, more community, and more WTMO!

      Best regards,

      Newsletter – October 2023 Edition

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