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Matt Schulz: Unleashing the Depths of Electronic Sound

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      Matt Schulz is an exceptional artist who has been making a name for himself in the music industry. With a deep passion for electronic music, Schulz has embarked on a journey of exploration and self-expression through his own unique sound.

      Having started his DJ career in 2011, Schulz gained experience through podcast appearances, live shows, and radio performances. However, it was in 2020 that he took a significant step forward, delving into the realm of music production to create his own tracks. This marked a turning point in his artistic evolution, allowing him to delve deeper into uncharted territories where sound becomes the key to unlocking new possibilities.

      Schulz’s musical releases and remixes have found homes on various labels, including MODEM:39, Deep Rustle Records, Dimbi Deep, Caranday, Superordinate Dub Waves, Kopoc, Insectorama, D.Junction, Apnea, Melotonin, Nomadism Records, Mixitecture Records, and GerningsStedet Records. This diverse range of platforms has provided him with the opportunity to showcase his versatility and unique sound.

      When asked about his musical identity, Schulz transcends genre boundaries, emphasizing that his connection to music is not limited to a specific style. For him, the most important aspect is the emotion and passion conveyed in a piece, which has the ability to resonate with listeners on a profound level. While he often finds himself drawn to dub and ambient sounds, his musical taste is fluid, adapting to his current state of mind and the emotions he wishes to convey.

      Schulz’s musical pursuits are driven by a desire to create a connection between himself, his listeners, and the deeper parts of their beings. He sees music as a universal language that can unlock hidden aspects of ourselves, reminding us of our true essence and the mysteries that lie within. By translating these profound experiences into sound, Schulz aims to touch the souls of those who connect with his music.

      As Schulz continues to grow as an artist, he finds inspiration in real-life experiences and the people he encounters. Whether it’s witnessing acts of kindness or being immersed in nature’s beauty, these moments fuel his creative process and shape the direction of his musical explorations.

      With each release, Schulz receives a range of responses from his listeners. Every reaction, positive or negative, contributes to his growth and evolution as an artist. He appreciates the diverse perspectives and experiences that his music elicits, as they all play a part in shaping his artistic journey.

      Matt Schulz’s dream project encompasses the ability to remind people of their true selves and their deepest essence. Whether it’s through studio sessions, intimate moments in nature, or shared experiences, he strives to create spaces where individuals can reconnect with their innermost being and experience profound transformation.

      As Schulz continues to forge his musical path, he remains dedicated to the constant pursuit of knowledge and growth. His music acts as a medium for self-expression, allowing him to communicate emotions and ideas that transcend verbal language.

      Matt Schulz is a rising artist whose unique sound and artistic vision have gained him recognition in the electronic music scene. With each release, he invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and connection through the power of sound. As he continues to explore new sonic territories, his passion for music and dedication to his craft shine through in every composition.

      Matt Schulz can be found in the We Talk Music Online Discord Community. Join it here

      Matt Schulz: Unleashing the Depths of Electronic Sound

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