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Emily Dolan Davies: Drum Stem Club

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      Here at WTMO we love dedicated people who helps other grow as artists. Emily Dolan Davies is one of those people. Read all about her here:

      Emily Dolan Davies is a highly accomplished touring and recording drummer hailing from the UK. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of renowned artists, including Bryan Ferry, The Darkness, Kim Wilde, Howard Jones, Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Tricky, Cher Lloyd, and The Hours. Her exceptional drumming skills and adaptability have made her a sought-after collaborator in the industry.

      In addition to her impressive portfolio of collaborations, Emily Dolan Davies is currently the house drummer on ITV’s The Voice Kids, showcasing her talent and versatility on a popular television platform. Her drumming expertise has also been featured in the widely acclaimed Netflix documentary, “Count Me In.” In the documentary, she shares her insights and captivating performances, exploring the impact of drumming on music and culture.

      Aside from her remarkable drumming career, Emily is an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for supporting fellow musicians. She owns her own remote recording business, operating from her professional drum studio. Through this venture, she offers recording services to artists from around the world, lending her exceptional drumming skills to enhance their musical projects. Her extensive client list includes internationally recognized names such as Kim Wilde and Ankit Tiwari. Emily’s drumming has even found its way onto popular TV shows like “Peppa Pig” and “StarStruck,” further cementing her influence and versatility.

      In 2017, Emily launched the Drum Stem Club—an innovative initiative aimed at encouraging and supporting artists, producers, songwriters, and musicians worldwide. The Drum Stem Club boasts a growing collection of free drum multi-tracks, featuring hundreds of professionally recorded drum stems in various musical styles. This valuable resource enables musicians to access high-quality drum tracks and experiment with different sounds, fostering collaboration and creative exploration.

      Furthermore, Emily’s dedication to helping other musicians led her to create the Remote Recording Business Course in 2020. This comprehensive course equips musicians with practical tools and insights to navigate the challenges of running a successful remote recording business, catering to their primarily creative mindset. Emily’s desire to share her knowledge and empower fellow musicians highlights her commitment to the music community.

      To expand her educational outreach, Emily also hosts an engaging YouTube series and podcast titled “A Drummer’s Guide To…”. Through these platforms, she shares her insights, experiences, and invaluable advice as a professional musician. With a passion for helping others reach their goals, Emily provides valuable guidance to aspiring musicians, offering a glimpse into the world of being a professional drummer.

      Emily Dolan Davies’ remarkable achievements as a drummer, entrepreneur, and educator reflect her dedication to the music industry. Through her collaborations, the Drum Stem Club, remote recording business, and educational initiatives, she continues to inspire and support musicians worldwide, leaving an indelible impact on the music community.

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      Emily Dolan Davies: Drum Stem Club

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