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Denats: A Musical Journey from Dublin to Australia.

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      About Denats:

      Denats is an experienced DJ and producer with a career spanning over 20 years. Originally from Ireland, Denats is now based in Australia and has made a significant impact on the electronic music scene in both countries. His passion for house and techno music has driven his success, with recent releases on esteemed record labels such as Purveyor Underground, BBOP Records, and Assembly Required.


      Denats, also known as Adam, has been immersed in the world of electronic music since the early 90s, which he considers the golden age of clubbing and dance music. The vibrant party and club scene in Dublin ignited his passion for DJing, prompting him to acquire turntables and build an extensive vinyl collection. DJing quickly became a lifelong passion for Denats, and he continues to prioritize his craft, devoting time every week to perfect his skills.

      While production took a backseat during a period of life’s demands, Denats has recently refocused his energy on music creation. Through persistence and countless hours spent honing his production skills, Denats has begun to gain recognition and release tracks he is genuinely proud of.

      Musical Style and Themes:

      Denats finds his musical identity rooted in the realms of house and techno, though he transcends strict genre boundaries in his sets and productions. His heart beats for underground and jacking house music, delivering quirky and infectious tracks that evoke a sense of fun and movement. Denats aims to create music that captivates listeners, making them nod and dance uncontrollably.

      Notable Achievements:

      • Over 20 years of DJing experience
      • Played at renowned venues including Sounds on Sunday, Le Panic, Sly Fox, and Candy’s Apartment in Sydney
      • Recent releases on Purveyor Underground, BBOP Records, and Assembly Required


      Denats draws inspiration from various artists and experiences. Some of his key influences include Phil Weeks, Demuir, and Green Velvet, who have shaped his musical journey and continue to inspire his creative process.

      Dream Project:

      Denats aspires to collaborate with like-minded artists, pooling their talents to create a project that transcends individual contributions. This collaborative effort seeks to explore the synergy of diverse artistic perspectives, ultimately delivering a sonic experience that exceeds expectations.

      Best Advice Received:

      Denats follows the mantra of focusing on quantity over quality. Embracing constant practice and continuous improvement, he believes that by producing a large volume of work, true growth and development occur. This philosophy extends beyond music and resonates with Denats’ approach to life, work, and artistic expression.

      Goals and Aspirations:

      Denats aims to push his creative boundaries, striving to release music on record labels he admires and respects. His professional goal is to explore his full potential as a producer and see how far his unique sound can take him.

      Denats: A Musical Journey from Dublin to Australia.

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