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Maybe this helps some of you!

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      Trust me…..I am not a ‘self help’ junkie latching on to the latest “Do _X_ and you’ll be <insert desired outcome here>, but the simple logic of approaching your goal in this manner might be of benefit to some of us:

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      Pretty cool approach!

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      I got a system with giving out tasks and everyone begins on the same level. That combined with the raw data I get in from all the platforms, determines if I should use more time on that person. I’ve had a company with people along for the ride and I kept everyone equal, and it killed my flow. So that ain’t gonna happen again. I also fired my friend and mentor in that company, and the partner he had pulled in. When it comes to business, it gotta be business and that will make some people angry. Me and my mentor still talk to each other. No hard feelings, we both know it was business and have helped each other since.

      The world needs people with big crazy dreams and people who understands them and what it takes to live them out. otherwise you are just pulling dead weight.


      The child is grown
      The dream is gone
      I have become comfortably numb

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