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A frustration/warning for Ditto Music Distribution subscribers

Activity Forums The Off Topic Group A frustration/warning for Ditto Music Distribution subscribers

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      Originally when I signed up for Ditto I signed up for a $19/year subscription, this was a couple years ago now, and recently my credit card was updated so I needed to update my billing info on Ditto accordingly. According to their support team there is no way to do this and I “just needed to re-subscribe” when I got my renewal notice. So when I received the payment notice that my payment of $19 failed and went to re-select my plan I see that this same plan is now $29, yet when they tried to bill me for my existing plan they had me grandfathered in at $19.

      As a subscription service, for me to not be able to update my own billing information is ridiculous and I have to say this seems like a sneaky way for them to force me (us) to pay the higher fee. I’ll do it because I already have music up and I don’t want to deal with having it taken down but this is a very frustrating aspect to their service and honestly seems kind of sleazy.

      Thought I’d put that out there. I’m currently chatting with the support team about my frustrations but expect this will happen again any time you need to input new card information.

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      That should be illegal. But I guess that is a good way to upgrade people.

      I had the same problem with Soundcloud, had a really old pro subscription for a few dollars. And when my card changed I had to upgrade to a new plan. And then I simply left them. But understadnable that is really not an option unless you want to change distribution.

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      “i completely understand your frustration 😔

      I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the price changes. Please keep in mind that the costs for our new subscription plans may vary due to exchange rates in different countries. However, the features will remain unchanged.

      I appreciate your understanding.”

      Their polite way of saying “fuck you, pay me”.

      Stupid thing is I am not even complaining about the price increase, it’s the sleazy way they went about getting it from me. They act like it would have still been $19 if I just had the same CC number but since I don’t in being penalized with the higher price.

      Oh well, subscription renewed, lesson learned.


      Have a nice one

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        And yet my distribution can do it for free 🙂

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