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Wider 2.0 – Polyverse Music

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      The Wider plugin by Polyverse Music has been updated to version 2.0, which includes two new features: Low Bypass and Mono Compatibility Check.

      The Low Bypass feature allows users to exclude low frequencies from being widened, preserving the side information and keeping the mix intact. This feature can be particularly useful for bass-heavy tracks, where widening the low frequencies may result in a loss of clarity and impact. With Low Bypass, users can choose which frequencies to widen and which to leave untouched, giving them greater control over the stereo image.

      The Mono Compatibility Check feature allows users to check how the widened track sounds in mono, which is important for ensuring that the mix will sound good on all playback systems. With the press of a button, users can switch between stereo and mono playback to see how the widened track translates in both scenarios. This feature is particularly useful for mastering engineers and producers who want to ensure that their tracks will sound good on a wide range of playback systems.

      The Wider plugin by Polyverse Music is a simple and efficient tool for adding stereo width to mono or stereo audio tracks. With the new features in version 2.0, including Low Bypass and Mono Compatibility Check, users have even greater control over their stereo image and can ensure that their mixes sound good on all playback systems.

      Wider 2.0 – Polyverse Music

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