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Regency: multi-tiered phase distorting synthesizer

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      Regency offers a novel method of synthesis, based off traditional phase distortion synthesizers. Each of the two generator layers has three editable multi-segment curves. These curves are applied to distort the phase of the generator in series, in modulatable amounts. There’s also a wide range of modulation options and effects, as well as a multi-mode ladder filter to provide a great number of sound design possibilities.

      Visit the website for more information:

      Key features:

      2 generators (3 distortion curves each), ladder filter with 4 mode, 3 effect unit slots with 6 effect types.
      High precision modulation: 4 envelopes, 2 math modulators, 3 LFOs, modulation matrix. Over 200 modulation destinations are available.
      Focused and streamlined user interface with custom skinning support and scaling ranging from 100% to 300%.
      Highly tuned performance, including native support for Apple Silicon “M1” processors.
      Over 60 builtin patches in the factory ROM.
      No copy protection or DRM.

      Plugin formats:

      The CLAP plugin format, including support for polyphonic non-destructive modulation, preset discovery, parameter indication and several more extensions. Tested in Bitwig, REAPER and others.
      Audio Unit. (macOS only)
      The native FL Studio plugin format, including support for slide/glide notes. Requires FL Studio 9 or newer. (Windows and macOS only)
      Standalone (requires compatible audio and MIDI hardware)

      See the website for a complete list of system requirements.




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