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Free Plugins: Baby Audio Freebies

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      Small plugins with a big sound

      Our five freebies are fully functional audio plugins based on our award-winning premium products

      They offer the same excellent sound quality as the full Baby Audio plugins, just with less features / functionality

      Go download our entire freebie collection above ⇧ And learn more about what’s included below ⇩

      Beat Slammer Baby Audio GUI Interface.png

      Beat Slammer

      Some compressors are designed to be subtle. This one is not! We set out to make the ideal compression plugin for smashing and squashing drums, beats or entire mix busses. Beat Slammer will give you that pumping and ‘bouncy’ compression sound that slaps you in the face.

      The plugin is based on IHNY-2 by Baby Audio and functions as a parallel compressor. This means you can compress even harder than you normally would and just blend in the compressed signal to taste, while retaining the dynamics of your dry signal.


      Get that aggressive compression sound that makes your beats ‘bounce’. Add punch and intensity to your drums and mix busses

      Use the XY pad to set the compression amount and dry / wet mix in one motion, then adjust the make-up gain and output

      Based on the popular compression algorithm from our IHNY-2 plugin, just without the surgical tweak options of IHNY-2

      Baby Audio Pitch Drift Best Free Pitch Fluctuation VST Plugin

      Pitch Drift

      Pitch Drift introduces pitch fluctuations to make your tracks feel more organic and natural. The effect ranges from subtle instabilities that make your instruments sound less sterile – to intense pitch drifting that will make your tracks clearly out of tune.

      The effect is inspired by acoustic instruments, which are never 100% in tune 100% of the time. These subtle pitch instabilities compound when you bring multiple instruments together in a mix and make the music sound richer. Use Pitch Drift to break the spell of digital pitch perfection – and get your tracks to vibrate a little more.


      Lets you introduce pitch fluctuations ranging from ‘subtle organic drifting’ to ‘severely out-of-tune’

      Use the main slider to set the ‘Depth’ of the fluctuations – and hover-over the screen to set the ‘Speed’

      Powered by the Drift algorithm in our Super VHS plugin – offering the same natural and pleasing fluctuation effect

      Baby Audio Magic Dice Best Free Reverb Delay Echo VST Plugin

      Magic Dice

      Magic Dice gives you lush delay / reverb / modulation textures at the click of a button. Each new click will generate a new effect configuration and you will never hear the same result twice. Magic Dice is powered by our award-winning Spaced Out plugin, which combines more than 50 individual effects under the hood. The free version borrows Spaced Out’s engine, but keeps things simple on the surface. Click to generate new FX chains – then use the mix slider to dial them in to taste.


      Generates new and unique delay / reverb / modulation FX chains with every click

      More than 50 individual effects under the hood

      Offers a lush and pristine sound – powered by our Spaced Out plugin

      Best free chorus plugin Magic Switch by Baby Audio

      Magic Switch

      Magic Switch is a free chorus plugin inspired by the classic Juno “one-button” chorus effects of the 1980s. It is not a direct emulation of the Juno-chorus, however, but rather our own idea of a perfect one-button chorus in the DAW-era, where clean sounds are easy but authentic color is hard. Magic Switch goes further than the Juno chorus and gives you a beautifully detuned, rich and moody effect for adding vintage modulation to your tracks. It is taken from our Super VHS plugin.


      Dark and detuned character, perfect for adding dimension, color and depth to digital tracks

      Use the mix slider to blend the ‘magic’ to taste

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