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FREE Pitchmunk Pitch Shifter Plugin

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      Your ultimate pitch shifter plugin, Pitchmunk changes your sound’s pitch and formant without altering its tempo and playback speed. It’s so easy to get “that” vocal chop sound you hear on Spotify!

      Featuring 2 main large knobs “Pitch” and “Formant”, Pitchmunk allows you to shift the pitch of any sound up 2 octaves or down 2 octaves. That’s 48 semitones altogether! What’s even more amazing is that the pitch shifts aren’t stepped, you can dial in any number you want or gradually change the pitch smoothly.

      The “Follow” option will link the formant to the pitch, so you get a more “crisp” sounding pitch shift. However, Pitchmunk allows you to be more creative by turning off the “Follow” option in order to adjust the Pitch and Formant separately.

      Pitchmunk also includes a Filter, a Drive and a Mix knob for achieving great sounding effects, quickly and easily.

      • Software Requirements:

        • Windows (64-bit only): VST3
        • macOS (64-bit only): VST3, AU

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