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Free Plugin: TechivationT-Saturator

T-Saturator is a smart level-independent saturation plug-in that gives you precise control over your track’s tone and character. Whether you’re looking for subtle warmth, enhanced dynamic range, or screaming distortion, T-Saturator will get you there with ease.

Discover Dynamic & Level-Independent Saturation

T-Saturator provides a broad spectrum of saturation effects and operates independently of input levels.

T-Saturator protects your sound from changes in tone and character due to variations in input levels. It dynamically adjusts saturation levels to maintain the consistency of your selected sound attributes, preserving your artistic intent.

Unlock New Possibilities for Your SoundT-Saturator boasts a range of versatile features, including a spectral clipper that preserves tonal balance for a consistently pleasant saturation sound. It also offers tube saturation, tape saturation, and a sweet-sounding ‘Fold’ saturation, all accompanied by several controls. These controls include frequency range adjustments, mid-side control, and smash to control how transients are affected, among others.The GUI represents a step forward in our T-series plugins, offering a straightforward and user-friendly interface designed to simplify interactions and streamline your workflow.Show less

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