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Free Plugin: BL-303

Happy 303 Day!!!

BL-303 is a contribution synth with Big Love to the legendary Roland TB-303.

Version 3.0 includes improved and resizable user interface, the filter was fine-tuned to sound and behave even closer to the original TB-303, a few more minor performance and sound improvements. Native support for mac Arm and intel processors.

The sequencer part (including the slide and the accent) is handled with midi notes velocity.

  • Shorten the note length a little bit, so it ends slightly before the next note (like the TB).
  • Use the Velocity to control the Accent and the Glide.
  • Velocity 0 – 9: Slide On
  • Velocity 10 – 100: Regular note
  • Velocity 101 – 126: Accent On
  • Velocity 127: Accent & Slide On

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