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A Newsletter From DEHN

Last newsletter, WTMO had around 508,000 visits within the past 12 months. This number has now grown to 759,579, and it will continue to grow with 183,240 visits in the last 30 days and 48,926 in the last week.

The site is also seeing growth in users, and I encourage you all to invite your friends to the platform. They don’t have to be producers. People who love to explore and follow the underground music scene are more than welcome. We Talk Music Online is more than just networking with other producers; it’s also about creating a profile and connecting with your fans. We want WTMO to be the go-to place for the latest news and releases from the underground.

Think of your profile as your personal Electronic Press Kit. The advantage here is that it is also your interactive blog, always evolving and up to date, keeping your fans in the loop.

We also encourage people to create groups about their favorite acts, DJs, or music topics they are passionate about. It’s the users who create the content; we just provide the platform for it.

You might ask why not just use all the other social media platforms. We think you should, in addition to using ours. The advantage here is that you are not alone and not drowning in a feed of spambots and people trying to sell you followers. The more users you bring in, the more we benefit each other, and that is the core of what the platform is all about.

Want to sell your music or merchandise on our platform? No problem. Apply for a Vendor Account, and we’ll get you up and running in no time. The platform takes a 10% share of all sales, making us the cheapest reseller out there.

I would also like to thank everyone who has helped keep the Exclusive DJ & Live Sets Podcast alive. You guys really help get the word out about the platform, and we encourage you to get all your friends on board for the shows. We hope to soon test the video stream. Together with the radio, this is our safe place for DJs and Live Acts to stream without getting copyright strikes. With the new rules on Twitch regarding how DJs stream and monetize, we think we are the perfect alternative.

Why are we an alternative? We own the servers and services that we offer. There are no big players dictating how we should evolve the platform. It’s all up to us what direction it should take. Be assured that the WTMO team consists of people who are in it for the music and have shown that loyalty is one of their core values. There aren’t many people like that out there. You are in good hands, and a huge thank you to my team around me. I couldn’t have done it without your support.

One last thing: Remember, all of this is based on people helping each other voluntarily. If you feel you don’t get feedback on the things you post, try to engage more with other people’s posts. This will help you connect with people, and they will be more willing to spend time on your music. We provide the platform, but it’s the users who create the content. So start networking with other users, and you will soon expand your network and make new friends.

We also have a lot more in the pipeline for WTMO, but that is for another newsletter.

DEHN – We Talk Music Online

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