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      Who are you and what is your artist name?
      My name is Paul Robinson, my artist name is PR23, though a long time ago I was DJMorphic.
      What’s your background?
      I started off DJing in a west Indian pub in Cambridge, U.K. around 1991/2 playing reggae and dub. I soon moved to playing techno, progressing through to gabber styles before getting into Jungle and drum and bass. I played out at various free parties around Cambridge and also ran a club night for several years. By 2000 I had basically given up DJing, moved to Barcelona and well, 20 years seemed to pass by before discovering Ableton during lockdown in 2021. Rediscovering a passsion for techno I have thrown myself into producing. 
      How has your practice change over time?
      I suppose it's getting better at knowing HOW to get a certain sound you're after and the technical side of making a decent mix (hopefully!). Opening up projects from when I started I see 10 plugins on the master channel when I didn't have a clue what they did really...
      What music genre do you most identify with?
      Acid..Ihave always loved the sound of the 303. Even early acid records sound like the future to me. That and a fat bassline will always prick my ears up.
      What themes do you pursue?
      As to a, I couldn't say! Just to create something that gets your attention and takes you on a musical journey.
      What’s your scariest experience?
      Looking up on a building site I was on and seeing a 2 ton airconditioning unit falling right at me, it crashed down 10cm from me.
      What’s your favourite art work?
      Not one in particular, but Salvador Dalí's paintings.
      Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?
      This is probably a common one for many people but the first full-on rave/free party I went to in around 1991. It was the realisation that that was what I wanted to do, the energy that those parties gave me, the high thay put you on for days afterwords.
      What’s your most embarrassing moment?
      Being scammed out of my technics 1210's.....Jesus, I still cringe thinking about it 25 years later! I want them back!!
      What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
      Ha ha, well this will be a long list...Waiter, Pizza chef,labourer, wooden boatbuilder, carpenter, painter, hotel receptionist, maintenance worker, audiovisual installer, live sound assistant, internationally famous rockstar/DJ gigolo type dude...*one of these may be false.
      Why music?
      Because it has always called to me.
      What memorable responses have you had to your work?
      Recently getting good feedback on my first release from a DJ I had admired for many years. It makes all the effort you've put in worthwile.
      What food, drink, song inspires you?
      Curry, Belgian beer and Amphetamine by Thomas Heckmann ( It takes me back to my party years)
      What do you like about your work?
      That it gives me endless pleasure, I love creating music and hope others will love it too.
      What makes you angry?
      Being late...
      What superpower would you have and why?
      To never be ill, and to always find the perfect kick!
      Name something you love, and why.
      My dog, just because.
      Name something you hate, and why.
      People blasting their phone's music on public transport, It makes me want to grab the phone and ram it right up their.....
      What is your dream project?
      Having the money and time to build a studio.  
      Name three artists that inspire you
      More than an artist I'll say a few labels from when I was DJing back in the 90's. Direct Drive Records, Edge Records, Rabbit City to name a few. They still inspire me now.
      What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
      Always check there is toilet paper before you go...
      Professionally, what’s your goal?
      To make a living from music.
      What wouldn’t you do without?
      Underpants, and Ableton.


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      Great insights Paul 👍 Always love your humour 😬

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      Edson Vizcarra

      Great to know a little more about you.

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