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      Nomadism Records is a well-respected record label that is beginning to make a significant impact in the electronic music scene. Known for their innovative and cutting-edge releases, Nomadism Records has a roster of talented artists who consistently deliver exceptional tracks to their fans. The Philou EP is no exception to this standard, with each remix bringing a unique sound to the table.

      Philou (Original Mix): The original mix of Philou is a captivating slow burner that takes the listener on a hypnotic journey, with a sound palette that evolves into a dreamy atmosphere of piano and lo-fi synths. The minimal style creates a relaxing yet captivating atmosphere that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

      Philou (Steven Sanchez Remix): Steven Sanchez’s remix of Phlou adds delicate micro elements to the massive beat, creating a mellow flow that allows the listener to get lost in the groove. The remix features a growling bass and is a perfect addition to the floors, in the backroom area, or simply at home.

      Philou (Grown Out of Minimal Remix): Grown Out of Minimal’s remix of Phlou is haunting yet beautiful, creating a spine-tingling effect. The remix showcases the artist’s unique ability to blend haunting melodies with deep basslines, resulting in a track that is both captivating and hypnotic.

      Philou (Steve Knots Remix): Steve Knots’ dubby remix showcases his signature soft progressions and mellow flow, making it an excellent addition to the EP. The remix features a glitchy and dubby sound that is sure to appeal to fans of electronic music.

      Philou is a great representation of Nomadism Records’ commitment to delivering quality electronic music that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Each remix offers a unique sound that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of minimal and deep house. Nomadism Records continues to establish itself as a leading label in the electronic music scene with exceptional releases like Philou.

      Ed Noodle – Philou (Nomadism Records)

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