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      Who are you and what do you do?

      I am Christian Langguth, a German producer and DJ that is focused on electronic music, mainly in Techno Genre. 

      What’s your background?

      In my other life I work as an IT consultant in Berlin and and have no further background in in terms of acadamic musical education.

      I started to make electronic music for myself when I was about 14 years old, just because I was curious. After I experienced also in Rock and Punk genre I came back to electronic stuff, which I feel is my musical home.

      What music genre do you most identify with?

      Definitely Techno music, I enjoy melodic synths and driving baselines. As a kid of the 90s I grew up with Eurodance and Trance stuff, and I am afraid especially these trancy synths are manifested in my brain. 

      But I love to listen to other stuff as well. I admire Hans Zimmer for his compositions, his tunes are touching. I like listening to many different genres, from classic rock like Queen to some nice old school Hip Hop tracks. 

      What’s your scariest experience?

      Hard to answer, every moment dealing with illness within family and friends is scary. 

      I also remember a situation in Johannesburg where I unintentionally accompanied someone to buy some magical stuff on the streets, and the sales negotiations escalated quickly. I would say I definitely felt a little uncomfortable in that situation.

      What’s your favourite art work?

      The human being itself in a way. Sometimes a beautiful and admirable piece of evolution, that create fantastic things. And sometimes the opposite of it. I still don’t unterstand human beings. 

      Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

      Traveling is most inspiring to me, it shows lives and situations apart from my comfort zone at home. Seeing people dealing hard situations inspirires. Basically every person that handles a probably hard fate, is an inspiration.   

      What’s your most embarrassing moment?

      Following conversations in social media in which people seem to forget where they come from, and following paths of jealousy and enviousness can lead to embarrassment from time to time. It´s hard to keep the distance then.

      What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

      I worked and work as an IT consultant, helping companies dealing with their resource planning software. 

      Why music?

      In the beginning there was just curiosity. I wanted to see how far I can get with the early days computers, it was only fun and very limited of course. 

      Afterwards in my daily work life I found out, that playing around in DAWs renewed my inner balance. Living out creativity made and still makes me dive into another world in a way. And I am able to define the characteristics of these other worlds. I can do whatever I want when making music. This is still so much balancing and inspiring, that its like kind of an addiction. 

      What food, drink, song inspires you?

      In made a track called “Coke ‘n rum”. Do I need to say more?

      What superpower would you have and why?

      In General I would say time-traveling. I could go back in time  and prevent some of the shit that happened in the past. But as long as there is the time traveling paradox I’d rather leave it as it is. 

      What is your dream project?

      It’s not like I say, I want to work with a certain artist, and make an EP or Album with him or her. I just enjoy being able to make music, I appreciate this chance a lot. So my dream project in a way is to keep on producing, collaborating with others, sharing music, and thereby make people forget reality and feel free while they listen to my stuff. These are great thoughts to me. 

      Name three artists that inspires you

      Hans Zimmer, Paul Kalkbrenner, Stephan Bodzin

      What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

      Be nice. So simple, so true.


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