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PR23 Low Rider – yet another mix

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      Here is another remix of Low Rider done a while ago….

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      Hi Paul  i like the intro just bangs into it from the off at 0.57 it seems to loose something here perhaps it needs some sort of transition like a 1 bar cut of the kick drum to take it into the next part, i like the bouncy snare part around 1.15 area has a nice feel/vibe, nice 303s at the break, i like that melody that comes back in at  3.43 i felt this would be good in the break or the drop as it is a dominant part of the track sounds really cool nice work mate..T

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      This one kind of reminds me of The Overlords from the early nineties.

      your sides are rather dominant, probably headphone mix, try and narrow it a bit, it feels like it is overpowering the mids, and it makes it a bit hollow in the sound

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      Scott – Kenada
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      Oh wow, this is very early 90’s – love it.
      I think the clap is a bit muted and thin. Reverb could help to place it in the mix a bit better I think.
      I think the closed hat at 1:13 is dragging and throws off the groove a bit, and is also about 2DB lower than the open hat before it, so they feel unbalanced as they A/B.
      I like the dubby echo hits before the breakdown, more of that please.
      I think the 303 is a bit thinner than it should be, maybe low-mids should be boosted or saturated to thicken it up.
      Love the second acid lead at 3:45, and the erosion on it as it progresses.
      Like where this is going.

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