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Free Plugin: Reson

A free window into the High-Voltage Resonances of Vespera.

Introducing Reson, a glimpse into Vespera’s tube-driven modular synths re-amped through physical resonators. This free version of the first installment in our Acoustic Synthesis line gives you an impressive selection of samples and presets to explore, inviting you into the distinctive sonic world of its big sister.

Inside Reson

  • 4 Sample Maps: Journey through four unique sonic landscapes, each with its own character and texture.
  • 3 Octave Playing Range.
  • 17 Presets: Begin your creative exploration with 17 expertly designed presets, each a complete instrument to discover. 12 presets unique to Reson!
  • Intuitive Interface: Engage with an interactive, easy-to-use interface for seamless musical creation.

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