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Free Download: Jacob Collier Audience Choir

Free vocal instrument

  • Relive the magic of Jacob Collier’s Djesse world tour by conducting your own audience choir
  • Blend vowels captured from different cities and add unique percussion with stomps, claps, and snaps
  • Record your own custom XY pad motions and add depth with polyphonic aftertouch support

The voice of thousands

Musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier is renowned for his genre-defying productions, electrifying live shows, and innovative approach to harmony. Throughout his Djesse world tour, he captivated audiences by transforming them into harmonious choirs. Now these voices are yours to conduct with this one-of-a-kind choir plugin. The best part? It’s totally free to download.

Conduct your way

Get your ideas rolling with carefully-designed presets, or dial in a sound you love and store it as a user preset. Seamlessly blend different vowel types using the Vowel Morph pad and record custom motions in real time for evolving performances. Go deeper with dynamic tuning controls to shape your sound down to the finest detail. Don’t worry about breaking your flow, everything always stays synced to your project tempo.

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