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Exclusive DJ Mix: Denats Takes Over WTMO-Radio this Friday!

About Denats: Hailing from Ireland and now based in Australia, Denats, also known as Adam, has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. With recent releases on Purveyor Underground, BBOP Records, and Assembly Required, his passion for house and techno continues to drive his success.

Background: Immersed in the world of electronic music since the golden age of clubbing in the early ’90s, Denats’s lifelong passion for DJing took root in the vibrant party scene of Dublin. While life’s demands temporarily shifted his focus, he has recently rekindled his energy for music production.

Musical Style and Themes: Denats’s musical identity is firmly rooted in house and techno, but he effortlessly transcends genre boundaries in his sets and productions. Known for his infectious and quirky tracks, he aims to create music that captivates listeners and induces uncontrollable dancing.

Notable Achievements: With over two decades of DJing experience, Denats has played at renowned venues, including Sounds on Sunday, Le Panic, Sly Fox, and Candy’s Apartment in Sydney. Recent releases on esteemed record labels underscore his continuing impact on the music scene.

Tune in this friday at 21:00 CET

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