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Talk Louder: Nobody’s making world-class records because…

The problem now is people can’t make world-class records because there’s 10,000 records a day coming out or whatever,” Norman said (transcribed by Ultimate Guitar). “So nobody’s making world-class records because nobody gives a shit.

Because it doesn’t matter how good the record is. Only fucking two people are gonna listen to it anyway.

And they’re both related to you,” – Max added with a laugh.

He produced some of heavy metal’s most legendary albums, including definitive classics by Ozzy Osbourne and Megadeth. He’s also helmed fan-favorites from Lynch Mob, Dirty Looks, Dangerous Toys, Loudness, Y&T, Armored Saint and many more. Max Norman indulges us with stories about Randy Rhoads, Ozzy and Dave Mustaine. He also tells us about the time he and Henrik Ostergaard escaped a potential barroom beat-down; how he nearly produced Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell;” how a duct-tape trick with Paul Rodgers was repeated with Jason McMaster; and the clever recording techniques you never knew were all a part of the process.

Created and Produced by Jared Tuten


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