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DLYM is a free ‘Delay Modulator’ plugin which produces flanger and chorus style effects using Imaginando’s powerful processing technology. Taking inspiration from DRC’s chorus effect, DLYM expands on the functionality,… Read More »Free Plugin: DELAY MODULATOR

Free Plugins from Outobugi

REFIRE Drum processing chain. (v1.1.0) BANG: Transient shaper HEAT: Distortion/saturation SUB: Bass oscillator TONE: High shelf, tilt and noise CLAMP: Soft/hard clipper DYNASTIA Multi-band dynamics processor (v2.0.0). Another OTT clone,… Read More »Free Plugins from Outobugi

Free Plugin: ZLEqualizer – Dynamic EQ and much more

About ZL Equalizer is an equalizer plugin with the following key features: Download: WIKI:

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