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Still Here II & Post Traumatic (Reviews/Feedback)

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      Miles From Earth
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      Hey everyone,


      Would love some feedback on the last two tracks of mine 🎶 definitely looking for help on a genre to categorize these as for submission purposes. As of now I’ve got them down as Experimental/Downtempo.

      Still Here II

      Post Traumatic

      Message or comment your thoughts! Feel free to add me as a friend.

      If you’d like to look further into my music, drop in here 🙂

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      Nice to see you figured this out all by yourself with the track feedback, I actually had written on the other post that it would be better to do it in here in the forum.

      I will give some feedback tonight. And I’m sure others will join it.

      And welcome to We Talk Music Online. We hope you will enjoy your stay, find new friends, and be part of our Network.

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        Miles From Earth
        Points: 46.20

        Thank you, glad to be here, and TIA for the feedback!

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      We Talk Music Online
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      I have listened to Still Here II a few times, and its a really great tune.  Really like that one.

      Nothing to say on your mixes, I think it works for your music.

      Im also lost in all these genres, dont know what choices your distributor gives you. But I would probably put them under chill-out/downbeat if you got that choice. But yeah experimental for the last one would also work

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      Hi Mate and welcome to WTMO great to see you joined, i really liked the still here track great soundscapes and the guitar sounds good from the off, the Kick is solid and shines thru the mix well i think as suggested chillout would be a good genre for this track my only wish was it was longer maybe by a minute, great work tho i enjoyed.


      Post Traumatic i liked the drums especially the snare pattens are ace.  i like the spacey feel to the track nice soundscapes again on this and it fits name of the track it is perhaps an experimental track but i could also see this used in film/tv etc.. nice work mate i enjoyed..T





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      Ben Hunt
      Points: 145.20

      Hi and welcome. Diggin both of these tracks – have an early mo wax / ninja tune vibe to them. Think they’d probably go as downtempo these days…

      Still here 2

      Really nice, love the stuttery synths, mix sounds really good, enjoyed the drop to silence at 2 minutes. Little to add except it was quite short, but then again it works at that length, I’d just take a look at the very end as it sounds like it cuts off abrutpty rather than fading out.

      Post traumatic

      Love the skittery drums, synth work and sound design is really nice and mix works well. Again its quite short, but totally works

      Great work on both, look forward to hearing more.

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