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Kenada – You’re Not Free

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      Scott – Kenada
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      Hey all, got a new one here. Kinda a modern house kinda vibe, with some breakbeats cos, why not.
      Any and all thoughts welcome here.
      127 BPM G Minor


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      Hey Scott, welcome back. I like that track idea but in short find, it could really benefit from more variations. Especially the vocal and the lead synth need more tweaks IMO. And that could be just a simple eq automation on the lead between sections and towards transitions for example and some proper delay here and there and / or some vocoder on the vocal. I do also find the word ‘me’ sounds slightly dissonant (e.g. 2:14).

      The tonal balance should also be slightly shifted. Less mids and bit more highs. The transistions are well done but get a tad overused towards the end. First time listening I wasn’t sure about the little double kick bumps but the more I listen the less I recognise it..

      Hope this helps:)

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It’s really simple to be part of this. Behave nice and have a great time with the other users
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