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ACE Studio – Limitless vocals with AI, anytime, anywhere


Astonishing Performance! Next-generation AI Singing Synthesis Engine

At every step of our synthesis engine, we’re using uncompromising AI technology to pursue the most natural and expressive vocal performances possible while also driving synthesis speeds to the limit.

Pro-Singers are at your service

Our AI singers deliver high-quality vocals in English, Chinese, Japanese for all your music production needs.
Most of AI singers in ACE Studio are free to use in commercial uses.

Express every exquisite emotion

Vocals are more than just lyrics and pitch – control breathing, air, falstto, tension and strength with our multidimensional AI emotion parameters to express your emotions seamlessly.

With one click, convert dry vocal into MIDI clip with lyrics and pitch
Drag and drop your dry vocal into the singer-track, say goodbye to the inconveniences of inputting lyrics and notes. Vocal production can never be easier.


Blend voices to create one of a kind timbre and singing style
Create brand new voices with rich and diverse VoiceSeeds to fulfill your diverse vocal producing needs.

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