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“Matt Baker’s Debut Album ‘Midkorg Crisis’ Delivers Deep, Dark, and Soulful Electronic Soundscape”

Album Review: Matt Baker – Midkorg Crisis
Release Date: 9. June 2023
Label: Nomadism Records

Mastering: DEHN Mastering

Matt Baker, the collaborative project between Toby Baker and Matt Schulz, delivers a captivating debut album with “Midkorg Crisis.” Released on Nomadism Records, this collection of deep, dark, and soulful sounds showcases the synergy between the artists and their expertise in crafting immersive electronic music.

The album opens with “Midkorg Crisis,” a track that immediately sets the tone for the entire journey. Clocking in at nearly 9 minutes, it envelops the listener in a mesmerising blend of pure tones and dub effects, creating an ethereal atmosphere that invites you to drift away into a sonic abyss.

The track, “Blue Moon” doesn’t disappoint. From the outset, the listener is greeted with dub delays, followed by a deep bass-line that anchors the track. The groove is infectious, captivating the listener and providing a thrilling ride. It’s a testament to the duo’s ability to craft music that could continue indefinitely, leaving you wanting more.

“Down Below” takes the listener deeper into the Matt Baker universe with its deep and melancholic sound design. The track carries a distinct horror-themed aura, combining a deep techno vibe with expertly executed dub delays and reverbs. It’s a minimalistic piece that finds its strength in creating a sense of familiarity within the album’s universe.

“Motion Sequence” as the name suggests, lives up to its promise. The bass-line is an earthquake that rattles the very foundation of your sound system. With its powerful and energetic nature, this track demands attention and ensures a memorable listening experience. Just be careful not to have any fragile objects nearby that could be shaken loose!

“Askabar” serves as a momentary respite from the darkness, offering a lighter touch to the album’s sound design. While still maintaining the deep atmosphere that pervades the entire release, the track presents a more nuanced and delicate approach. It adds a refreshing contrast to the overall journey, demonstrating the versatility of Matt Baker’s sonic palette.

The album concludes with “Up Above,” a track that perfectly encapsulates the mastery of traditional dub techno elements that Matt Baker brings to the table. It’s a fitting finale that leaves you craving more of the rich textures, hypnotic rhythms, and meticulous soundscapes that have been woven throughout “Midkorg Crisis.”

“Midkorg Crisis” is an exciting release from Matt Baker, showcasing their collaborative prowess and ability to create compelling electronic music. The album’s deep, dark, and soulful tones take the listener on an immersive journey that leaves a lasting impression. One can only hope that this collaboration continues to produce more music, as their artistic synergy holds tremendous potential.

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