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Splice Studio is winding down

Splice Studio to Shut Down: A Shift in Focus for Music Making Tools

Splice, the popular online platform for music production, has announced the shutdown of Splice Studio, a free service that has been available since 2014. The company has cited the development of their next generation of creative tools as the reason for the closure, and they hope to focus their attention on this new project.

The announcement may come as a surprise to many music producers who have come to rely on Splice Studio for their projects. The platform allowed users to collaborate on music projects, share samples, and access a wide range of creative tools. However, the company has stated that they will be making all projects available for download until May 31st, 2023.

As a gesture of gratitude to their loyal users, Splice is offering a 50% discount on the first year of their Sounds+ annual plan. This will give users access to a range of royalty-free sounds, including the legendary Splice sample catalog. Users will also be able to preview samples in their DAW’s key and tempo with the Bridge plugin and will have access to desktop and mobile apps.

In addition, for a limited time, Splice is offering Ableton Live Lite for free until May 15th, 2023. Ableton Live Lite is a popular digital audio workstation that is perfect for music producers who are just starting out.

The announcement of Splice Studio’s closure marks a shift in focus for the company. Splice has been a leader in the music production industry, providing innovative tools and services for music producers around the world. The company’s decision to shut down Splice Studio is a bold move, but it shows that they are committed to developing new and improved tools for music makers.

In conclusion, the closure of Splice Studio may be disappointing for some music producers, but it is a necessary step for the company’s future growth. Splice’s new generation of creative tools promises to take music production to the next level, and users can look forward to an even more exciting future with Splice.

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