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Petite Victory Collective

PVC released the Hope EP from Levi Mudhouse, with remixes from DEHN and Matt Shulz.
Here is what the label is all about

Label & Collective
Petite Victory Collective is an Independent Collective & Label exploring diverse electronic sub-genres since 2021. Minimal house, dark electronic, ambient, Surrealist, DAWless and on.

Electronic music with a story to tell. If you made it this far in your musical journey it’s because you’re enjoying your musical process. We’re not here to change that. We’re here to confirm that you made the right decision in sticking to your own rules all of the way.

All PVC’s artists get 100% of their royalties. We like to see PVC as decentralised Label. We owe much of our existence to our artists, fans, and collectors who share this common view of the ideal Label. Most of the artists today have been conditioned to expect one-sided relationships with the organisations they interact with. We’re slowly but surely trying to redefine a path suiting our vision of the modern Label.

Sustainability and eco-friendly are some of the keywords of the collective. The collective act towards ecological concerns through music compilations & diverse events supporting ecological initiatives.

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